The Dome

A Private Sanctuary Where Romance Abounds

Breathtaking Vistas

Where All The Views Colide

Imagine a private sanctuary, perched high on a hill, where the world unfolds before your eyes. At Petrichor Estate every moment is framed by the breathtaking beauty of Glasshouse Mountains, the boundless ocean, serene turtle-shaped lake, and rolling hills. Our estate is a treasure trove of romance, offering you the chance to create memories from sunrise to sunset and under the starlit night sky.

Petrichor Estate is your private paradise, a secluded haven away from the world’s chaos. Here, your love story unfolds in complete privacy, with nature as your witness and companion. Whether it’s an intimate proposal, a couple or group picnic, or a photoshoot capturing your love, this exclusive retreat is yours to discover.

Now imagine the dome nestled amidst all these magical beauties. This enchanting dome offers a front-row seat to a symphony of breathtaking views, where each moment unfolds like a love story written by the cosmos itself.  The dome, like a crystal heart, stands as a testament to the power of love and the beauty of our natural world.


Colourful Journey

Create Your Romance

In the early morning, the dome frames a mesmerizing sunrise over the endless expanse of the ocean. The sky blushes with shades of pink and gold as if painted by the brushstrokes of the divine. During the day, the dome unveils majestic glasshouse mountain vistas that reach to the heavens. The mountains stand tall, like silent guardians of your love, reminding you that together, you can conquer any peak. As night descends, the dome becomes your celestial observatory, inviting you to a world beyond imagination. The sky above transforms into a glittering tapestry of stars, their brilliance reflected in your eyes as you lay side by side. It’s a moment when the universe itself conspires to paint the backdrop of your love story.

Tailored Experiences

Picnic and/or Intimate Proposal - $650

Planning to pop the question? Imagine leading your beloved down a lush grass path, adorned with twinkling fairy lights, as the sun dips below the horizon. This is a moment that your beloved will treasure forever. Our intimate proposal package includes a romantic setup inside & outside the dome with plenty of flameless candles, flowers, fairy lights, and a private area for your proposal. Our picnic package includes a nice & comfy picnic setup inside & outside the dome for a group of up to 12 people with plenty of cushions, rugs, flowers, etc., and a private area for you to enjoy.


  • Wine or champagne – $50
  • Nibbles & sweets for two  – $150

How to book:
Send your request to us through our Instagram page or via our email

“Sunset to Sunrise” Experience - $500

Immerse yourself in the beauty of Petrichor Estate from sunset to sunrise in the dome. This romantic package lets you start your experience as the sun gracefully descends behind the state and paints the sky with hues that whisper secrets of love and passion. Your experience continues with you spending the night beneath the stars, where the stars overhead bear witness to your love story. And finally, it ends with you waking up to the first light of dawn in a truly unforgettable setting.


  • Romantic setup – $250
  • Wine or champagne – $50
  • Nibbles & sweets for two – $150

Check-in: 1 hour before sunset
Checkout: 2 hours after sunrise

Note: 2 adults only
Availability: Because the access to the bathroom is through the main house, open days are released on short notice only when the whole estate is NOT booked. We will open this experience as an independent experience and reservation from 1st Nov.

Photoshoot - $200

Petrichor Estate is not just a place to celebrate love & family; it’s a place to capture it too. Whether it’s a pre-wedding photoshoot, an engagement session, maternity session or simply a day dedicated to capturing your story, our estate provides a stunning backdrop that photographers dream of. Our photoshoot package includes access to our stunning estate for your session, ensuring your moments are beautifully preserved with many backgrounds to choose from.

How to book:
Send your request to us through our Instagram page or via our email.

If you’re seeking a place where nature and love converge, where every moment feels like a scene from a romance novel, then the Petrichor Estate is your canvas. Let your love story be written on the hill, whispered in the breeze, and remembered in the hearts of all who witness it.

Contact us today to book your romantic or family escape, proposal, picnic or photoshoot at Petrichor Estate. Come and let your love bloom amidst the beauty of nature. Petrichor Estate – where love is in the air, and memories are forever etched in the heart.

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